Convention & Intelligent Operations Center (IOC)

5th floor

Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) 

By ultilizing the advanced technology and applied smart solutions such as Smart Building, Smart Parking, Intelligent Operationa Center (IOC) at WTC Tower visually shows through the dashboard all the building’s operations from security control,  elevators, parking, temperature to lighting and energy. The operations center implements a modern and advanced building management model to deliver easy and accurate management experiences to tenants. By using IoT Platform (Internet of Things platform) connected to BMS (Building Management System) the IOC  hepls to inform the operations and management team the actual status of the building and especially give warning of unexpected problems occuring in fire alarm systems, air conditioning (HVAC) systems, resource management, even break-in or disaster.

Conference room with over-500-seat capacity: 

WTC Tower with high-class, on-site facilities is the perfect solution for tenants to hold conferences of hundreds of guests with seminars and high-level meetings, where will be a promising destination for network, trade, and also a starting point for thousands of new ambitions and journeys.