Located on the prestigious Hung Vuong Avenue, WTC Tower stands out as a modern and luxurious building with a comprehensive 30-story design, aiming at an eco-friendly and energy-efficient structure for a sustainable future. Furthermore, WTC Tower’s seamless integration of state-of-the-art amenities once again highlights our reputation as the "Office Building 4.0”.

The fully-equipped facilities promptly cater to the diverse needs of work and trade while still enabling WTC Tower to establish a globally standardized workspace, making us a top-tier solution for enterprises looking to position and grow their business.

Information about the building for rent WTC Tower

Landlord: Becamex IDC Corporation
Address: 01 Hung Vuong Avenue, Hoa Phu, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong
Manage & Operation: CBRE Vietnam
Scale: 60,000m2
Number of floors: 30 floors and 01 basement
Function:  Office, Convention & Retail
Utilities: Business Development, Conferences, Exhibitions, Networking & Trading
In-operation: Q4 2023 (expected)

Function Details:

WTC Tower features a structure of 30 floors and 1 basement. The parking area is conveniently located in the basement, on the 3rd and 4th floors, offering flexible parking options. Floors 6, 7, 8, and 9 serve as the headquarters of Becamex IDC Corporation while the remaining floors are designed with multi-functionality, catering to the diverse needs of modern businesses and even more:
03 - 04
6th - 9th
10th - 15th
10th - 30th
Retail space with a range of standard amenities including a restaurant, café, convenience store, and an impressive, spacious, and modern lobby. 

The service floor with a total floor area of over 3,000 square meters, providing rental spaces for various service sectors such as language centers, training institutes, healthcare services, financial – banking, and insurance services.

Convention space with over 500 seats, suitable for specialized training sessions, MICE activities, conferences, exhibitions, and international cooperation forums. The conference rooms are equipped with world-class facilities, a high-quality stage, and a contemporary exhibition space.

Intelligent Operations Center: 

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and smart solutions such as Smart Buildings, Smart Factories, and Smart Parking, the Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) provides visually, via a dashboard, a comprehensive overview of all operations within the WTC Tower. Those include the number of entries and exits, elevator operations, parking lot management, temperature control across floors, and wastewater treatment processes in the factories located in the industrial parks and run by Becamex IDC.

Becamex IDC Offices. 

As the WTC Tower’s developer and embracing the spirit of "Driving Innovation - Accelerating Growth", Becamex IDC is proud to play a vital role in Binh Duong’s remarkable socio-economic and industrial development. Their successful business ecosystem model has elevated Binh Duong to become one of Vietnam's leading manufacturing hubs and has been scaled nationwide.

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Leased office spaces flexibly tailored to the scale of the business operations and their specific needs in terms of ideas, themes, and functionality.
Co-working space with a total floor area of 1,000 m2, divided into distinct and versatile sections. Alongside the refreshing ambiance of the rooftop garden, the floor offers a luxurious, sophisticated, and first-class setting for tenants to organize corporate activities or welcome clients. Other deluxe services such as a Spa, Gym, and Rooftop Lounge are also available.
Leased office spaces flexibly tailored to the scale of the business operations and their specific needs in terms of ideas, themes, and functionality.

Outstanding features

Strategic Location

The first indication of a corporation's scale and prosperity often lies in its location. Situated ideally on Hung Vuong Avenue - in Binh Duong New City, the WTC Tower offers tenants a coveted spot right at the public transport hub, gathering vital transportation arteries:
50 km
Long Thanh Airport
25 km
Bien Hoa City
38 km
Ho Chi Minh City
40 km
Cat Lai Port, HCMC
34 km
Tan Son Nhat Airport
8 km
Chanh Nghia, Thu Dau Mot
2.2 km
Sora Gardens SC
1.2 km
Binh Duong Provincial Administrative Center
650 m
Hikari Food and Trade Center
You can refer to the information and compare with the need to open a commercial store or a representative office at WTC Tower to take advantage of the emerging business development opportunities pop in this bustling area.
wtc tower


Located adjacent to the WTC EXPO Exhibition Center, the WTC Tower stands as a promising venue for MICE activities and events in Vietnam’s Southern Key Economic Region, an appealing destination that welcomes over 60,000 event attendees annually.

Moreover, the WTC Tower is nestled amongst 29 industrial parks and more than 1,100 operating factories, coupled with a large residential population. These are expected to be a potentially huge demand for shopping and services.