WTC Tower Complex is the top-tier iconic trade landmark in Binh Duong. The building features a world-class and modern design, equipped with advanced technology and seamless operation management, bringing a professional and top-notch environment.

Specifications of WTC Tower

  • The building consists of a 30-story block, featuring completely transparent glass walls, offering a spacious landscape with a panoramic view. The squared design of the building, coupled with the perfect fusion of steel and glass, exudes elegance and sophistication. The sturdy base accentuates the upper floors, with massive glass panels combined with robust aluminum louvers, intended to radiate a stunning, modern image of the building and the interior which is bathed in natural light.
  • The lighting and air conditioning systems are organized according to energy-saving standards while still guaranteeing function, comfort, and an elegant charm to every space.
  • The flexible arrangement of service areas from basements, across the ground levels, and up to the 16th floor facilitates smooth and convenient access to a variety of services.
  • The office block from the 6th floor to the 30th floor guarantees tranquillity, wide-open views, and high standards for those with the most discerning demands for quality.
  • The standards for security as well as fire safety and detection are set at the highest level.
  • The state-of-the-art elevator system provides safe, high-speed, and convenient delivery.


Moving beyond traditional leasing models, WTC Tower is determined to be the typical "4.0 office building" in Binh Duong due to our advanced and intelligent operations management procedures. We are at the forefront of implementing the BMS - Building Management System, providing multiple benefits for businesses choosing to establish their offices here.

BMS system helps to synchronously control and manage all technical systems in the building including the water system, electrical system, air conditioning, fire detection - fire alarm system to ensure the operation of building equipment according to the following criteria:

  • Accurate, timely, and intelligent.
  • Energy-cost savings.
  • Absolute safety for personnel.
  • The highest performance of the building’s equipment.
  • Automatically detect & troubleshoot rising problems.
  • Alert quickly and accurately to relevant departments.
  • Create a friendly and comfortable working environment for businesses.

Functions of the WTC Tower building

WTC Tower is invested by Becamex IDC Corporation, located on the main Hung Vuong street of Binh Duong province. With the main function as an office, conference, and commercial building, WTC Tower has the following functions:
Design 30 floor and 1 basement
Scale 60,000 m2 including parking lot and technical area
Divided into 3 areas with flexible areas on each floor
Central air conditioning, VRV air conditioning, ventilation
Includes 6 guest elevator, 2 conference elevator, 1 service elevator of Mitsubishi brand.
The overall parking capacity is up to 400 cars and 360 motorbikes
Luxury internal facilities, outdoor facilities class

WTC Tower is invested by Becamex IDC Corporation, located on Hung Vuong main road of Binh Duong province. With the main function as a Grade B+ office, conference and commercial building

WTC Tower Binh Duong is part of the master plan of TOD projects, located in a strategic location near Ring 3 and connecting key metro lines. Therefore, tenants here can easily access important destinations, convenient for life, work as well as meet a variety of needs.

WTC Tower can be said to be a remarkable destination for all business associations. Not only is the facility connecting the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce, but the project also attracts international partners to add value to industrial parks and other cities and towns in Binh Duong province.